What can be registered as a design?

What can be registered as a design?

Under Art. 6 of the Design Law No 129/92„the subject of the application may be registered to the extent in which it constitutes a design, within the meaning of Art. 2, it is new and has individual character.”

Under Art. 2, d) of the above-mentioned Law, a design is the appearance of a product or of a part thereof, in two or three dimensions, resulting from the combination of the main features, particularly lines, outlines, colours, shape, texture and/or materials of the product itself and/or its ornamentation; examples of two-dimensional designs are: graphic representations and patterns to be carried out on paper, plastics, fabrics, porcelain, ceramics or wood; examples of three-dimensional designs (Art. 2, h)) are pieces of furniture, footwear, vases, electric apparatus casings and the like.

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