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  The new appearance of a product in two or three dimensions having individual character can be registered as a design.

Design means the patterns (bi-dimensional forms), e.g. of woven fabrics, paper, labels, etc. 
Model means a three-dimensional form, e.g. electrical appliances, furniture, footwear, etc. 



National legislation on design


Guide for filing a design or model application


Design or model application form

  Design Register ONLINE  
  Official Industrial Property Bulletin (BOPI) - Designs Section ONLINE  

International Classification of the industrial designs established according to Locarno Agreement


Design Services

  Community Designs - forms - EUIPO page -  
  Community Designs - fees - EUIPO page -  
PC6 - "Convergence on graphic representations of designs"

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Common Practice

Common Communication*

*  Regarding the Point 3.2.4, letter f) in p. 36 of "Common Communication (Principles of common practice)" on convergence on graphic representation of designs, OSIM accepts such views in the application but it cannot admit them for registration, according to the provisions of art. 2 letter d) and art. 11 of the Law no. 129/1992 on design protection, read in conjunction with the art. 13 (6)a) of G.D. no. 211/2008 for implementing the Design Law No. 129/1992.


Implementation of weekly publication of the International Designs Bulletin

  Hague System for the International Deposit of Industrial Designs - forms - WIPO page -  
  Hague System for the International Deposit of Industrial Designs - fees - WIPO page -  

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