Lithuania, Romania and Sweden join

Trade marks from the State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania, the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks of Romania and the Swedish Patent and Registration Office have now been added to the TMview search tool, providing free access to trade mark applications and registrations from a number of leading trade mark offices.

The latest expansion of TMview brings the total number of offices contributing data to 17. Besides Lithuania, Romania and Sweden these are: Bulgaria, Benelux, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, France, the UK, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, WIPO and OHIM. With the addition of more than 600000 Lithuanian, Romanian and Swedish trade marks, TMview now provides access to more than 6,6m trade marks in total.

TMview, which went live on 13 April 2010, is proving popular with users. Since then it has welcomed more than 530000 visitors from 170 different countries, with users from Spain, Germany and Italy among the most frequent visitors.

You can find out more at  www.tmview.europa.eu

A new version of TMview is launched

TMview is a free of charge Internet tool allowing users to search databases for existing trade marks held in major Intellectual Property Offices.

As from today the second version of TMview is available. This new version offers you new features such as:
• A redesigned interface to improve the user experience. This includes fully configurable user preferences and search results display, and a system of tabs to open several trade marks simultaneously.
• New searching and filtering features such as fuzzy search, phrase search, search history, search suggestions. More search criteria are also available in the advanced search, such as the possibility to search by trade mark office(s), trade mark reference number and trade mark status.
• A system of Alerts for the users to receive notifications when specific events occur to selected trademarks.
• Improved performance and the possibility to view more trade marks per office.

Find out more at  www.tmview.europa.eu